Grimoire was a collaborative effort between myself and Mikayla Carson as part of a game workshop - NoJam 2 - organised by DMG Toronto. The premise of the workshop was to create a game with video editing tools, and have two screens: one which reacts to the interactions on another.

Mikayla and I created a simple 5 "roomed" loop with the interactive page (or "control") being the journal, pictured below, and the screen (or "client") being footage to emanate the atmosphere created by the journal. 


You receive a journal and a broken hard drive from a mysterious source, and must analyse the contents. The hard drive and journal once belonged to a journalist investigating the Blackwood Grimoire - a witch's journal that went missing. Contained within is also the journal of a young woman who went missing in the late Victorian period and is associated with the grimoire. You are presented with two screens: one interactive, one passive. The broken hard drive is filled with video footage, but most of it is corrupted. As you advance through the journal, the video footage is recovered, but the more is recovered, the stranger and more sinister it becomes...

Concepts & Design