Dick 3

... despite the name, is an (entirely appropriate) interactive historical game about King Richard III of England. According to British history (and literature), King Richard III was a tyrranous, unpleasant, hunchbacked ruler who was strongly connected with the deaths of his two nephews - ahead in line to the throne from him - and was defeated in battle in 1485. But is it all really true? Was Richard really a cruel, murderous tyrant, or was it more a case of history being written by the victors? This question was raised recently when the remains of Richard, whose whereabouts were previously unknown, were found underneath a car park in Leicester, England.

In Dick 3, you play the sad, mournful ghost of Richard, who has learned of the slanderous reputation he now has, and needs your help to repair it. Can you help him rejoin the ranks of greatness amongst the monarchy? It is up to you to examine the evidence and come to your own conclusion.