Escher Girls: Clothes I'm forced to wear in the majority of MMORPGS



[Please take note that the commentary is just for fun. Bunch of sarcasm. Don’t take it too seriously. I am getting tired of these outfits, though.]


1. The classic Bikini Armor. If you’re lucky you might get an actual shoulder-pad! If the designers even bother…

This is such a great post, and true for about 90% of video games, not just MMOs (and don’t get me started again on superhero comics). So many designers don’t seem to understand that there’s a fundamental difference between pinup art and costume design that’s appropriate for what the characters are supposed to be doing. There’s a massive double-standard when it comes to women in adventure settings that’s so rarely addressed. Everything doesn’t have to be 100% practical, but it would be nice if all genders got the same level of treatment.

Thinking of doing a followup post to my Costume Design Guide to address some of these things. We’ll see.

This is one of the reasons why I don’t really play a lot of MMORPGs.