Escher Girls: Clothes I'm forced to wear in the majority of MMORPGS



[Please take note that the commentary is just for fun. Bunch of sarcasm. Don’t take it too seriously. I am getting tired of these outfits, though.]


1. The classic Bikini Armor. If you’re lucky you might get an actual shoulder-pad! If the designers even bother…

This is such a great post, and true for about 90% of video games, not just MMOs (and don’t get me started again on superhero comics). So many designers don’t seem to understand that there’s a fundamental difference between pinup art and costume design that’s appropriate for what the characters are supposed to be doing. There’s a massive double-standard when it comes to women in adventure settings that’s so rarely addressed. Everything doesn’t have to be 100% practical, but it would be nice if all genders got the same level of treatment.

Thinking of doing a followup post to my Costume Design Guide to address some of these things. We’ll see.

This is one of the reasons why I don’t really play a lot of MMORPGs.

Mysterious Mysteries: Hauntings in Canada: Newfoundland


  • Newfoundland - L’Anse Aux Meadows – Supposedly spanning from the Iceland story of the Vikings, people have calculated how long it would have taken Vikings seen around Iceland to take to get to Newfoundland. People watch and watch but something happens, on June 23rd 20 days after the Iceland…

Well if these aren’t the most perfect stories for inspiration. As if I didn’t need any more…

ToonBoxer of the Month: Katie Foster


You know that whole stereotype of the game console tearing happy couples apart? Boys creating ex-girlfriends through excessive use of their Xbox?

Katie Foster, ToonBox’s IT Systems employee, breaks that stereotype like Mario breaks blocks.

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Today I had the privilege of being featured on my company’s blog, as an opportunity to talk about my game and women in game design! :)